You might be asking why I haven’t started selling yet? Or why am I still building my website? Well…I would rather hurt myself during the planning of my business than take a nose dive and waste a lot of my resources in the middle of running my shop.


Shopify was my first option in opening my online store. Shopify is very user friendly and support from the provider and the online community is a big plus. The only thing is, I don’t want to pay a monthly fee. So, I started looking for open source alternatives and found Opencart. Opencart is easy to use and free, but additional modules would mean additional charges. It was okay at the early stages of setting up the site, but it became so limited in the long run. Opencart will push you to purchase. So, I scratched Opencart and researched some more. That’s when I found WooCommerce, a WordPress plugin that is free of charge but also charges for some of it’s modules or plug-ins. Since I already knew the inner workings of WordPress, WooCommerce was easy to manipulate. It was a matter of setting up the products and categories correctly. I was on a roll when tragedy struck!


My site started to bog down. it was taking an average of 8 seconds before the landing page would load up, a very unacceptable number! I started to look at the back end of my website and started to fiddle with everything I could understand. The support of my last provider was not very helpful. After a few days of tampering, I lost everything. That’s when I decided to switch providers.


Right now, I am rebuilding my whole site! From my main site –, up to my two subdomains ( & Hopefully, the rebuilding process will be done by the end of January. We are praying to launch the site my next year.

Starting a business is not an easy thing. And if there’s one thing I learned from my years of management experience, that’s the importance of PLANNING! having the end in mind. So, pray for us as we continue this journey and hopefully, grow in the process!