2020 = 3+1

Here we are, at the start of the new year, still overwhelmed with all the blessings God has given us when this happens. After all the year end planning with my wife, all the goal setting, God brings in a game changer. And having mixed emotions is an understatement.


I honestly don’t know. The financial calculator in my head is still computing the kind of adjustment we would need for our 2020 budget. We still have the Online Shop to figure out and our desire to get a place on our own is on hold. My anxiety level is rising with every word I’m typing in.

Another baby is not that simple. And the idea of having two kids under our care is just unbelievable. Tala is already a handful, adding one to the mix is like torture. But that’s just the unreasonable me…because most of me is grateful and rejoicing.


Cliche as it may sound, I believe that it is a blessing for God to hinder whatever plans we have. That only means that He has something better planned out for us this year. A lot can be learned from our current situation, but mostly it’s a review of God’s essence and character.


Who can hinder God’s plans? Isaiah 46:10 reminds us that God will accomplish everything He desires. Hearing that for the first time kinda makes God sound so unfair, but if we really understood His whole essence, we would know for sure that everything He desires is out of love! God is only capable of good things, and if He intends for us to have another kid in the midst of our financial turmoil, then we have to trust Him! If you have no relationship with God through Christ, then this will never make sense…but believe me, God would always push through with us, the people He chose in eternity past, in mind to bring glory to Him! His sovereign plan engulfed in His undying love for us is the best


Everything we do has a corresponding consequence…whether it was intentional or not. In our case, we did not intend it but we were careless to not even take precautionary measures. But the point I want us to understand is that even in our most careful state, God still has the final say. The discussion about God’s sovereignty and omniscience in this kind of format will just reel in a debate, so let me conclude my thoughts.


Yes, in everything be grateful and acknowledge God’s perfect timing! We don’t have the ability to turn back time and try to do things differently the second time around…but God did give us grace and mercy to walk through the struggle with Him. My wife and I will always be thankful for this gift…and we offer up everything to Him Who has created all things!



Freedom is one of God’s grace gift that we enjoy. The freedom to choose our lifetime partners up to small everyday choices are part of God’s great design called life. He did not conceptualized robots for His glory…but sensitive creatures that are prone to failures, pain, sickness and whatever people or circumstances throws at them. They are born and then they die…they breath in life…they grow…they laugh…they cry…they are unique individuals with a capacity to comprehend…they learn…they love…they are God’s handiwork…but even though we came from a Creator, He did not impose His values in us…instead, He allowed us to choose against him…it hurts Him so much for us to be away from Him, but He just patiently waits for our return…He even gave up His only Son as an initial investment…but, only a few of us recognizes that act of love…

so who are we to curtail someone else’s freedom? who are we to impose our preferences on other people when we can’t even stand firm on our own convictions…who are we to demand our rights when God would not even touch our freedom to choose?

Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash