2020 = 3+1

Here we are, at the start of the new year, still overwhelmed with all the blessings God has given us when this happens. After all the year end planning with my wife, all the goal setting, God brings in a game changer. And having mixed emotions is an understatement.


I honestly don’t know. The financial calculator in my head is still computing the kind of adjustment we would need for our 2020 budget. We still have the Online Shop to figure out and our desire to get a place on our own is on hold. My anxiety level is rising with every word I’m typing in.

Another baby is not that simple. And the idea of having two kids under our care is just unbelievable. Tala is already a handful, adding one to the mix is like torture. But that’s just the unreasonable me…because most of me is grateful and rejoicing.


Cliche as it may sound, I believe that it is a blessing for God to hinder whatever plans we have. That only means that He has something better planned out for us this year. A lot can be learned from our current situation, but mostly it’s a review of God’s essence and character.


Who can hinder God’s plans? Isaiah 46:10 reminds us that God will accomplish everything He desires. Hearing that for the first time kinda makes God sound so unfair, but if we really understood His whole essence, we would know for sure that everything He desires is out of love! God is only capable of good things, and if He intends for us to have another kid in the midst of our financial turmoil, then we have to trust Him! If you have no relationship with God through Christ, then this will never make sense…but believe me, God would always push through with us, the people He chose in eternity past, in mind to bring glory to Him! His sovereign plan engulfed in His undying love for us is the best


Everything we do has a corresponding consequence…whether it was intentional or not. In our case, we did not intend it but we were careless to not even take precautionary measures. But the point I want us to understand is that even in our most careful state, God still has the final say. The discussion about God’s sovereignty and omniscience in this kind of format will just reel in a debate, so let me conclude my thoughts.


Yes, in everything be grateful and acknowledge God’s perfect timing! We don’t have the ability to turn back time and try to do things differently the second time around…but God did give us grace and mercy to walk through the struggle with Him. My wife and I will always be thankful for this gift…and we offer up everything to Him Who has created all things!



In 1999, I received the hardest task given to me by my parents…that’s to go home alone to the Philippines and finish my last two years in High School. Most of my life was lived in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. My family, friends and even my knowledge of Christianity was established in the Middle East. Leaving everything behind and starting a new was not an easy task for a 14 year old. I may have the physique of a 30 year old but still an emotional quotient of a frail boy.

Being reminded of Ephesians 6:1, I obeyed my parents, even if I have to suppress my dismay and feeling of unfairness. On April 1999, my family and I flew back to the motherland. It was my last international flight. I psyched myself into accepting the reality that one month from that point in time; I will be left alone by my parents. The thought of separation was the most painful thing. Thousands of miles from your loved ones on a different time zone were more of a torture than a challenge.

Two years have passed, God granted me to graduate from High School. No honors but a true graduate none the less. 16 years old was the ideal age for my generation to enter college. I applied in UP, UST, MAPUA, LA SALLE and LETRAN. I was on fire. But that fire was quickly distinguished when all my applications were denied. Running low on confidence, I thought of just taking a short vocational course, convinced that my mental capacity can only handle only two more years of studying. But then, a friend told me to try La Salle top…not taft…but top…top of the mountain! La Salle Dasmariñas offered Computer Science (which was the in thing then). So I took the entrance test, and lo and behold, I was accepted. I was placed in Section 1 of BS Computer Science year 1. But my stay in that university was cut short because of financial matters. I only finished 1 year.

At 17, I decided to work. We had a small food stall in the Sucat area near the City Hall. So I helped out every morning, delivering food, washing the dishes, cooking big kalderos of rice, and packing up. I followed the same routine everyday for almost 4 months when an opportunity opened for me in School of Tomorrow, Philippines.

To summarize everything, 2002 I entered Living Heritage Academy as a database encoder under Mrs. Kakilala. In 2005, God gave me the opportunity to discover my hidden talent in graphics design. By 2007, my skills were enhanced, by God’s grace, from print design to video editing. 2008, a personal bump in my career and spiritual life lead me to resign from School of Tomorrow and work for a secular company. Higher pay was guaranteed but it was hard to ignore God’s tug on my heart back to my first love which is Christian Education and doctrinal teaching. 2009, I answered God’s call and went back to School of Tomorrow. Now, God has blessed me with the opportunity to show His grace to everyone through Multimedia Arts.

Looking back, it’s hard not to see God’s sovereignty in each important life changing situation. I hope and pray that your story would reflect God’s character and integrity. After all, we Christians are the light of the world, a city that is set on a hill that can never be hidden. And when people would see that light, they should not see us but instead glorify our Father Who is on heaven.